What’s that sound? The sound of happy students swimming in dissertations, papers, exams? The sound of a faculty drowning in a marking tsunami? The sound of freshly unemployed academic precariats slowly floating towards insecure middle age with no job prospects, pension plan or direction in life…? Yes it’s the sound of summer!

But just because you’re sitting by the beach with your toes in the sea it doesn’t mean your brain can survive on just pulp fiction and pop music. You need some anthropological stimulation for those long summer days.
Luckily I just did a round up of the best podcasts from New Books in Anthropology for Allegra Lab (the amazing anthropology website). You can find the round up here or here http://allegralaboratory.net/podcasts-for-your-summer/


Featured photo by Colin Mutchler (flickr, CC BY 2.0)

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