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Online Gods: A Podcast about Digital Media in India and Beyond

Between August 2017 and June 2019 I co-hosted Online Gods: A Podcast about Digital Media in India and Beyond together with Sahana Udupa.

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The episodes were republished by EPW, with earlier ones published by HAU (!) and most were done as an official podcaster collaborator of the AAA.

I wrote about my experience of making the podcast in the article Critique of podcasting as an anthropological method and together with Sahana in the article  Talking Media with ‘Online Gods’.

The Corona Diaries

In 2020 I was thrilled to be part of the multi-modal anthropology experiment The Corona Diaries, published by Allegra as part of the Corona thematic thread.

The diaries, published once a day, spoke to many of the same themes and topics that those writing for Allegra at the time were also concerned with. These included the pandemic-induced changing relationship to the city and its public spaces (Stallone 2020), overwork and under-appreciated invisible labour (Cook 2020), middle-class privilege during confinement (Blanco Esmoris 2020), the need to think about public good, social justice and solidarity in political terms (Billaud 2020) and how anthropologists and social scientists more generally can reimagine our research (Kiderlin, Hjalmarson, and Ruud 2020) and prudently assert our importance in public debate (Beyer 2020).

The diaries were reimagined at the end of the year in a new format, which you can experience here: